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Anti-Sniper Systems Finding Their Range

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Boomerang System(click for lg. cutaway) BBN’s Boomerang is a vehicle-mounted anti-sniper system that uses sound localization to quickly target enemy snipers and direct return fire. It was deployed in Iraq last year, and over 100 have been built. Now a small Alabama firm called Radiance Technologies introduces WeaponWatch, which uses infrared detection to instantly tell you both the location of the shooter and the weapon used. At the same time, Israeli firm Elbit Systems is introducing something called the Sharpshooter Control System, and RAFAEL has introduced the Boomerang-like SADS. Put these innovations together, and life may be about to get a lot harder for enemy snipers. Sniping has always been the most personal kind of war – but new technologies are starting to extend the “information position” capabilities of Western snipers and squads in ways that tip the balance sharply against their opposition – and make 21st century sniping much more of a team endeavor. WeaponWatch WeaponWatch (new) WeaponWatch picks up on the infrared signature of every weapon the moment it is fired, instantly identifying it from a database of thousands of weapons muzzle flashes and relaying its position on screen. It has already proven itself in combat. The older, […]

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