Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Defense Industry Daily receives information from its users to facilitate subscription management, advertising tracking, and to prevent the unauthorized dissemination of Defense Industry Daily content.

We do not sell our subscriber lists, although newsletters will often include advertisements from our sponsors. These ads will be clearly demarcated as advertising.

Personally identifiable information is retained to the degree it is necessary to administrate subscriptions and other content delivery. Complete credit card numbers are not stored by Defense Industry Daily, although the last four digits of credit cards are kept on file so as to be able to indicate to subscribers which payment vehicle requires updating.

Our site employs the latest in cookie and other web metrics technologies that enables us to customize content to individual subscribers and to determine what forms of content are best serving the audience. Readers who do not wish to be tracked may change their browser preferences to disallow cookies, although the Defense Industry Daily reading experience will likely be significantly degraded. Defense Industry Insider subscribers will not be able to see premium content without the enabling of browser cookies.