Save time

Consolidated online database puts the facts you need in one place, including ongoing updates.


Access Hard Data

Data-rich articles come with tables, charts, and downloadable spreadsheets.


Visualize in context

Images and videos embedded with the narrative enrich the reader experience.


Unique Research

Get significant discounts on proprietary research conducted with procurement officers and officials.

Our at times book-length dossiers on defense programs (free example) provide a narrative framework tied directly to individual pieces of data, helping explain the story behind the numbers when needed.

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  • Consolidated format saves you time
  • Gives the big picture quickly, accurately
  • Ongoing updates keep you in the loop
  • Native online format is more convenient than print-centric publications


    • De-duplicated and untangled future acquisition projections and budgets
    • Coverage of political and other factors affecting acquisition targets
    • Tables, spreadsheets, pictures, summaries, statistics
    • Timelines and chronologies
    • Granular contracting data
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