Tavor-21 Rifle Headed Into Service With Indian Special Forces

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Tavor C21 demo(click to view full) In late 2002, India signed a Rs. 880 million (about $20 million) deal with Israel Military Industries for 3,070 TAR-21 Tavor assault rifles, a new bullpup design developed for use by the Israeli Defense Forces. The Israelis had just selected the compact Tavor over the Colt M4/M16 as its next-generation assault rifle, and the compact new weapons would be issued to India’s special forces personnel, where its ergonomics, reliability in heat and sand, and and fast-point/ fast-shoot design might give them an edge in close-quarters shootouts and employment from inside vehicles. Then problems began, in India and in Israel. By 2005, IMI had supplied 350-400 TRA-21s without grenade launchers to India’s northern Special Frontier Force (SFF). These were declared to be ‘operationally unsatisfactory,’ however, due to problems with their foldable butt; meanwhile, Israeli units like the Galatz were voicing complaints of their own. The required changes appear to have been made, however, and the Tavor now looks set to enter operational service within a couple of months – even as India gears up for a larger competition that could feature a 9mm Tavor version… Tavor TAR-21 5.56mm(click to view full) India continued dealing with […]

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