November 24, 2023

The Fighter Still Remains... The Boxer MRAV APC Family

Boxer MRAV (click to view full) Wheeled armored vehicles have become much more common, but the Dutch-German Boxer stands out from the crowd. Its English acronym is “Multi Role Armoured Vehicle” (MRAV), but rather than being a family of different vehicles, the Boxer will use a single chassis, with snap-in modules for different purposes from […]
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May 17, 2023

Digital Abrams: The M1A2 SEP Program

M1A2 SEP (click to view full) America’s M1 Abrams tanks come in a number of versions. In addition to the M1A1 that is now standard, the US Army is beginning to field its M1 TUSK for urban warfare. It also operates the M1A2 System Enhancement Program (SEP), currently the most advanced standard variant. This Spotlight […]
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June 8, 2022

The US Army's Bradley Remanufacture Program

M3A3 Bradley CFV: Charge! (click to view full) In the 1970s, middle eastern wars demonstrated that tanks without infantry screens were vulnerable to infantry with anti-tank missiles. Unfortunately, armored personnel carriers were easy prey for enemy tanks, and sometimes had trouble just keeping up with friendly tanks like America’s 60+ ton, 50+ mph M1 Abrams. […]
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June 8, 2021

US Army Moves Ahead with V-Hull Strykers

M1126, post-IED (click to view full) Under current plans, the 8×8 wheeled Stryker armored vehicle will be the future backbone of 8 US Army and 1 National Guard medium armored brigades. The 5th Stryker Brigade from Fort Lewis, WA was the first Stryker unit sent to Afghanistan, deployed in the summer of 2009 as part […]
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May 26, 2021

Have Guns, Will Upgrade: The M109A7 Paladin PIM Self-Propelled Howitzer

Before: M109 & M992 (click to view full) The USA’s 155mm M109 self-propelled howitzers (SPH) were first introduced in 1962, as a form of armored mobile artillery that could stand up to the massed fire tactics of Soviet heavy artillery and rockets. They and their companion M992 Armored Ammunition Resupply Vehicles (AARV) have been rebuilt […]
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May 5, 2021

US Military Adds Heavy Trucks Under FHTV-III

Latest updates: Battle for Oshkosh: Will FHTV re-bid copy FMTV mistake? THAAD on HEMTT (click to view full) In 2009, with its bridge buy of FMTV medium trucks in place, and initial awards for the potential JLTV Hummer replacement designs underway, the next order of business on the US Army’s agenda was a new Family […]
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July 10, 2020

Days of the Jackal: Supacat's HMT Vehicles

MWMIK Jackal (click to view full) Britain is part of the general push by western countries to field heavier, mine-protected vehicles, via orders for the Mastiff Cougar variant and its smaller 4×4 Ridgback companion. UK forces are also fielding vehicles like the Land Rover WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) that have a very different core […]
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May 21, 2020

Soldier Battle JTRS: The HMS Radio Set + SANR

PRC-154 with 75th RR (click to view full) The Pentagon’s JTRS (Joint Tactical Radio System) aimed to replace existing radios in the American military with a single set of software-define radios that could have new frequencies and modes (“waveforms”) added via upload, instead of requiring multiple radio types in ground vehicles, and using circuit board […]
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May 4, 2020

TPQ-53 Counterfire Radars: Incoming... Where?

EQ-36 concept (click to view full) Firefinder radars track the path of incoming shells, rockets, mortars, etc., and calculate the point they were fired from. Raytheon’s TPQ-36 radar is specifically designed to counter medium range enemy weapon systems out to a range of 24 kilometers, while the TPQ-37 can locate longer-range systems, and even surface […]
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February 6, 2020

Land Panther: Germany's Tracked Puma IFV

Drivers wanted… (click to view full) Germany has always been known for producing excellent armored vehicles. A combination of features that arguably make it the world’s best tank, and fire sale prices stemming from Germany’s rapid disarmament, have made the Leopard 2 the standard main battle tank in Europe and beyond. The same level of […]
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November 12, 2019

WCSP: Mid-Life Upgrade for Britain's Warrior IFVs

Warrior in “Wrap-2” (click to view full) Britain’s MCV-80/FV510 Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle was produced between 1984 and 1995. Built of all-welded aluminum construction and armed with the 30 mm Rarden cannon, it was designed to destroy enemy armored personnel carriers at ranges of up to 1,500m, while offering a fast, armored battlefield taxi for […]
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September 25, 2019

France Finally Kickstarts Scorpion Land Vehicle Acquisition

Griffon In 2009 France was planning to start delivering by 2015 new multirole armored vehicles to replace a variety of aging infantry vehicles starting, within a large modernization program called Scorpion. But the 2010-14 multiyear budget relied on a number of rosy assumptions that were soon disproved by reality, and the Scorpion program was one […]
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July 3, 2019

Digital Raven: Hand-Launched UAV Goes Binary

Latest updates: USAF to use RQ-11Bs at bases worldwide. RQ-11B Raven (click to view full) The RQ-11 Raven is a 4.2-pound, backpackable, hand-launched UAV that provides day and night, real-time video imagery for “over the hill” and “around the corner” reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition. Each Raven system typically consists of 3 aircraft, 2 ground […]
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February 28, 2019

Double-Jointed & Popular: The Bv Family of Infantry Support Vehicles

A Viking comes ashore The BvS10 is the successor to the wildly popular Bv206, 11,000 of which have been sold to 40 countries around the world – including the USA (M978). Readers may have seen these vehicles elsewhere, too, as a number of Bv206s have post-military careers at ski resorts, in industries like mining and […]
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January 17, 2019

Turkey & South Korea's Altay Tank Project

South Korea’s XK2 (click to view full) Turkey’s tank fleet is currently made up of American M-48s and M-60s, some of which have been modernized with Israeli cooperation into M-60 Sabra tanks, plus a large contingent of German Leopard 1s and Leopard 2s. That is hardy surprising. America and Germany are Turkey’s 2 most important […]
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December 10, 2018

Marine APCs: Peregrinations of the EFV to ACV to MPC to ACV 1.1

AAAV/ EFV, swim mode (click to view full) The US Marine Corps’ AAVP7 Amtracs have been their primary ship to shore amphibious armored personnel carrier for a long time; the AAV7A1 was initially fielded in 1972, and underwent a major service life extension program and product improvement program from 1983-1993. The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle was […]
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October 22, 2018

Navistar's MaxxPro: 1st Place in MRAP Orders

3BCT-101st, Iraq- no Chavis turrets? (click to view full) Navistar subsidiary International Military and Government LLC (IMG) in, Warrenville, IL has won billions of dollars in MRAP program contracts, to produce several variants of its blast-resistant vehicles. The Category I MRUV vehicle’s role is similar to a Hummer’s, albeit with more carrying capacity and much […]
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July 23, 2018

Oshkosh's M-ATV

Oshkosh M-ATV (click to view full) “The Government plans to acquire an MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV). The M-ATV is a lighter, off-road, and more maneuverable vehicle that incorporates current MRAP level [bullet and mine blast] protection. The M-ATV will require effectiveness in an off-road mission profile. The vehicle will include EFP (Explosively Formed Projectile land […]
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March 23, 2018

Australia's A$ 450M-600M LAND 17 Artillery Replacement

Now: M2A2 105mm (click to view full) In February 2006 the Australian Government gave first pass approval for the replacement of the ADF’s current 105mm and 155mm artillery pieces with new, more capable, artillery systems that feature improved mobility, protection, range and accuracy. Current systems are all towed, and include the aged 105mm M2A2, the […]
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February 12, 2018

FMTV 2010-2018: Pyrrhic Victories? Oshkosh Wins The Re-Compete

FMTV Family (click to view full) The 14 variants in the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) form the core of the USA’s new state-of-the-art medium military transport truck fleet. Which in turn forms the core of the “mature logistics capability” seen in the Iraqi theater and elsewhere. FMTV trucks are all automatic transmission, and […]
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