aerial refueling of f 35 lightning ii joint strike fighters at eglin afb, fla.
Lockheed Martin is running out of space to store undelivered F-35 Joint Strike Fighters as the jets’ upgrade effort remains behind schedule, the US Government Accountability Office said in a report released. Furthermore, the F-35 program’s testing capacity is stretched thin and will worsen once the Technology Refresh 3 software upgrade and the Block 4 update are ready, GAO found.
Lockheed Martin has announced the first-ever launch of a Patriot PAC-3 missile segment enhancement (MSE) interceptor using the Virtualized Aegis Weapon System. Conducted in collaboration with various US Department of Defense components, the test saw the advanced missile engage and neutralize a cruise missile target mid-flight. It utilized a ground-based MK-70 containerized launch platform from the US Navy to propel the weapon toward the target.

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Lockheed Running Out OF F-35 Space | Leonardo Signed LINAPS Deal With UK And Italy | Korea To Export Military Vehicles To Peru


Pratt & Whitney won a $9 million delivery order against a five-year basic ordering agreement for F100 engine case diffusers. This was a sole-source acquisition using justification 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(1), as stated in Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.302-1. The delivery order end date is December 31, 2027. Using military service is Air Force. Type of appropriation is fiscal 2024 defense working capital funds. The contracting activity is the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Lockheed Martin is running out of space to store undelivered F-35 Joint Strike Fighters as the jets’ upgrade effort remains behind schedule, the US Government Accountability Office said in a report released. Furthermore, the F-35 program’s testing capacity is stretched thin and will worsen once the Technology Refresh 3 software upgrade and the Block 4 update are ready, GAO found.

Middle East & Africa

Senior American and Arab officials are meeting this week in Riyadh to discuss security issues — the first such gathering since the war in Gaza began last year. The Gulf Cooperation Council — whose members include the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait — hosts a yearly set of defense working groups with the US. They met last year in February and promised to share more intelligence and better sync their air and missile defense networks.


Leonardo has inked contracts with Italy and the UK to supply their forces with its Laser Inertial Artillery Pointing System (LINAPS). The company will deliver a total of 39 LINAPS systems for Italy’s FH70 towed howitzers, boosting its precision fire capabilities. Meanwhile, the support contract for the UK Ministry of Defence will ensure the readiness of the artillery pointing system for the army’s L118 light guns. The deal will run through 2030, when the light guns are expected to be taken out of service. Leonardo lists the system’s ability to ensure pinpoint firing accuracy as a prime reason for the contracts.


South Korea has agreed to export military vehicles to Peru for the first time as part of a deal worth $60 million. Under the agreement, Seoul-based STX Corporation will transfer 30 K808 wheeled armored vehicles to the Peruvian Army by 2025 to support transport and reconnaissance missions. The deal could be expanded to cover an additional 90 armored vehicles, according to the company. “This strategic partnership agreement is significant as it expands our presence in the land defense market, following our expansion in the naval defense market,” STX chief executive Park Sang-jun said.

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Boeing won a $7.9 million modification, which exercises an option to reconstitute 29 All-Up-Round Encapsulated Harpoon Missiles for the Navy. Work will be performed in St. Charles, Missouri, and is expected to be completed in September 2025. Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity.
Austal won an $8 million deal to provide advance planning, material procurement, and accomplishment of work for emergent availabilities in support of the littoral combat ship USS Kingsville (LCS 36). This effort is to develop and provide planning, engineering support, planning and logistics technical documentation, funds and man-hour expenditure data, projected costs, cost estimates, material and labor for the accomplishment of post-delivery work items during emergent availabilities and to accomplish all testing required. Work will take place in National City, California, and is expected to be completed by December 31, 2025.
Global Hawk
The 348th Reconnaissance Squadron at Grand Forks Air Force Base (AFB) has successfully extended the operational range of the unmanned RQ-4 Global Hawk aircraft, achieving a record-breaking flight time of 34.8 hours. This accomplishment surpasses both the previous unit record of 34.4 hours and the manufacturer’s record of 30 hours and 24 minutes. This accomplishment wasn’t the result of a new aircraft or advanced technology. Instead, credit goes to innovative tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) developed by Maj. Ryan Blakeney and his team. Over six months, they meticulously analyzed data to understand how factors like weather patterns, wind currents, and even the paint on the aircraft affected fuel consumption.
f 16
The US State Department has approved the sale of 300 AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II Missiles and related equipment to Romania. Bucharest requested the short-range air-to-air missiles to increase the capabilities of its F-16 fleet, acquired from Norway in 2023. The Raytheon missile has an estimated range of over 10 miles (16 kilometers) and features thrust vectoring maneuverability and an advanced imaging infrared seeker. The estimated $340.8-million sale includes 40 AIM-9X block II tactical missile guidance units, 40 AIM-9X block II captive air training missiles, and 20 AIM-9X block II CATM guidance units.
Applied Visual Technology won a $28 million firm-fixed-price contract for Targeted Fidelity Apache Tactical Trainer simulators, the Tactical Control Centre, and the Network Simulation Environment. Work will be performed in Orlando, Florida; and Kooiweg, Netherlands, with an estimated completion date of September 15, 2026. Army Contracting Command, Orlando, Florida, is the contracting activity.
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) has announced two major upgrades to its MQ-9A Reaper drones for cyber and anti-aircraft missile threats. The company disclosed last week that it had tapped the services of US cybersecurity startup Shift5 to integrate its onboard cyber anomaly detection and predictive maintenance solutions into the remotely piloted aircraft. These capabilities will help defeat malicious code that could disable the drone or steal valuable intelligence data, ensuring cyber survivability and enhanced mission readiness.

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