Pilum High: The Javelin Anti-Armor Missile

Javelin ATGM, Yudh Abhyas 2009

India firing
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June 27/23: Propulsion Lockheed Martin has awarded Aerojet Rocketdyne a $23.8-million contract to extend the propulsion unit supply of Javelin missiles for two years. Javelins are shoulder-deployed, fire-and-forget, anti-armor weapon systems that can lock onto targets after launch, enabling warfighters to counterfire and take cover during combat.



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Javelin, firing (click to view full) The FGM-148 Javelin missile system aimed to solve 2 key problems experienced by American forces. One was a series of disastrous experiences in Vietnam, trying to use 66mm M72 LAW rockets against old Soviet tanks. A number of replacement options like the Mk 153 SMAW and the AT4/M136 spun out of that effort in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until electronics had miniaturized for several more cycles that it became possible to solve the next big problem: the need for soldiers to remain exposed to enemy fire while guiding anti-tank missiles to their targets. Javelin solves both of those problems at once, offering a heavy fire-and-forget missile that will reliably destroy any enemy armored vehicle, and many fortifications as well. While armored threats are less pressing these days, the need to destroy fortified outposts and rooms in buildings remains. Indeed, one of the lessons from both sides of the 2006 war in Lebanon has been the infantry’s use of guided missiles as a form of precision artillery fire. Javelin isn’t an ideal candidate for that latter role, due to its high cost-per-unit; nevertheless, it has often been used this way. Its performance in Iraq […]

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