Rapid Fire 2011-09-14: Carter Hearing | FY12 DOD Appropriations Subcommittee Markup

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* KMW introduces a new variant of their blast-resistant Dingo vehicle. The Dingo-2 Heavy Duty increases payload carriage to 3 tonnes. * Immersive simulation: not just for fighter pilots any more. Quantum 3D and Intelligent Decisions partner [PDF] to provide the US Army with its wearable ExpeditionDI platform, as the Close Combat Tactical Training – Dismounted Soldier Training System (CCTT-DSTS). * More attacks in Libya, still, by MBDA’s stealthy Storm Shadow/ Scalp cruise missiles. They’re dropped by RAF Tornados, but the effect may be to help sell Scalp-compatible French Rafale fighters to Qatar and the UAE. * If you haven’t seen “Inside the Ghost Ships of the Mothball Fleet,” with accounts and photos from infiltrations aboard US MARAD’s rusting National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF, incl. the stealth Sea Shadow and the battleship Iowa), it’s worth your time. * In the latest Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Testing Information Analysis Center (AMMTIAC) Quarterly [PDF]: how to accelerate the transition to new advanced materials within DOD programs; blast resistant fenestration design and testing; and clean halon fire extinguishants. * UK Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox advocates cooperation between the ministry he heads and industry to drive British exports. * Among the US Senate […]

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