SLAMRAAM Program Slammed by Inspector General

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SLAMRAAM launch(click to view full) Key AMRAAM derivatives include a ground-launched version intended to provide short-medium range mobile anti-aircraft coverage and cruise missile defense. In the USA, the derivative is known as SLAMRAAM, or CLAWS (by the US Marines, who withdrew in 2006). Internationally, Norway and the Netherlands have bought ground-launched AMRAAMs as part of a Raytheon/ Kongsberg system called NASAMS. The DoD Inspector General found that the Army needed to “rebaseline” the $623 million contract due to “contractor technical difficulties” and “increased contract costs” – and blames the Army. The Army disagrees. Meanwhile, field testing has begun. SLAMRAAM includes 4 sub-systems: * IFCS. The Integrated Fire Control Station is a vehicle-mounted shelter with 2 workstations, and is used to control the system. It is currently envisaged as mounted on Hummers, despite their mobility issues on difficult terrain. * Fire Unit. The launcher. Currently envisioned as being mounted on a Hummer. Most photos show 6 missiles mounted, and reports range from 4-8 missiles. * The missiles. The same AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles used in air-air engagements. Other countries like France or Israel who have converted shorter-range MICA and Derby missiles for the surface-air role have added fast-burn rocket boosters to boost […]

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