British JSF Prospects Looking Up

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(click to view full) Recent news has been alternately bad and good for the JSF program. Fortunately, the good news came last. DID has covered the saga of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, and especially the controversy in the UK over its planned purchase of at least 150 F-35B STOVL fighters for its carriers, and the problems created by technology sharing issues et. al. Past DID articles covering this topic have included our March 10 article “F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program: UK Update,” wherein Britain’s ‘Plan B’ carrier fighter alternative became clear. Also: * AESA Radar to Be Trialed on UK’s GR4 Tornados By 2007 (March 2/06). Britain doesn’t have an AESA radar. Which has real advantages. But the F-35 would give it one, plus outstanding sensor capabilities. Is that enough? * P&W, Rolls Royce Define Cooperation on F135 Jet Engine (Feb 27/06). Rolls, and Britain, still want their F136 engine to go ahead. * UK Defence Committee Continues Questions RE: CVF, F-35 (Jan 10/06) * Reports: Cuts on the way to F-35 JSF R&D, Engine Programs (Jan 6/06). Britain isn’t happy. * ITAR Fallout: Britain to Pull Out of F-35 JSF Program? (Dec 7/06) * UK Warns USA […]

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