Viper Strike for AC-130s?

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Death from above(click to view larger) The Viper Strike bagan life as the BAT – a canceled munition option for ground-fired ATACMS missiles. After the success of USAF Predator UAVs armed with Hellfire missiles became a new feature of the Global War on Terror, howeverm US Army planners began to examine options for placing a similar capability in the hands of Army ground commanders. In July 2002, these examinations led to the award of a 90-day demonstration contract to demonstrate the possibility of BAT deployment on a modified U.S. Army Hunter UAV. Those tests went well, and Viper Strikes are currently carried by MQ-5A/B Hunter UAVs in Iraq – See this video of a Viper Strike in testing [MPG, 13.2 MB]. The weapon’s small size (3 feet long, 44 pounds) and special advantages in urban fights, mountainous terrain, etc. mean they’re likely to spread to other platforms as well. Which is exactly what’s happening… Viper Strike: The Weapon RQ-5 Hunter The GBU-44 Viper Strike is a small, precision attack munition with guide/ glide fins and a 4 lb. HEAT(High Explosive Anti Tank) warhead. It uses a semi-active laser seeker for the final attack phase. After the bomb is released, it […]

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