$215.6M for Trident II Missile-Related Contracts

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Ohio class, 6 tubes open(click to view full) Carried on SSBN-726 Ohio Class submarines, The Trident II D-5 is the US Navy’s submarine launched nuclear missile, with exceptional range for a sea-launched weapon and accuracy figures that rival or even exceed land-based ICBMs. These missiles are arguably the most important and effective component of the US nuclear deterrent, and they constitute Britain’s entire nuclear deterrent as well. The US Navy’s Strategic Systems Programs in Washington, DC has issued a number of contracts recently related to the Trident II D-5 SLBMs, totaling $215.6 million. DID has grouped them all into this post, using subheadings. Readers may also note that none of these efforts were competitively procured. Mind you, “built by the lowest bidder” may not be an overly comforting thought in this particular area… Trident II D-5 UPDATE: DID will start by noting the larger context for these efforts, which are tied in with a life extension program for the Ohio Class SSBN submarines and therefore the Trident II D-5 missiles they carry. The 1980s guidance systems and electronics need replacing and/or upgrades, and more missiles will be needed to keep enough in service for the fleet. A subsequent DID article […]

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