Germany Orders MANTIS C-RAM Base Defense Systems

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Latest updates: System handed from Army to Luftwaffe. Skyshield AHEAD(click to view full) Rheinmetall’s MANTIS C-RAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortars) system is a further development of their Skyshield system. Also known by its German initials NBS (Nachstbereichs-Schutzsystem, very short range protection system), it is intended to detect and physically intercept incoming rocket, artillery and mortar rounds, in order to protect stationary bases. The USA and Britain have already taken similar measures, deploying and using modified Mk15 Phalanx “Centurion” land-based systems equipped with special self-destructing ammunition. While the German C-RAM system looks set to reach the field 2 years late, reports indicate that the German government has approved a purchase – and signed a pair of contracts: * The NBS System * Contracts and Key Events [updated] * Additional Readings The NBS System Skyshield, transportable(click to view full) A single MANTIS system comprises a ground control system and 2 sensor elements (unmanned radars, with electro-optic sensors) as well as 6 highly automated Oerlikon 35 mm “Millennium guns.” A very high degree of automation, including automatic target detection and engagement processes which the operator only has to monitor, helps the system operate 24 hours a day for many years with minimum […]

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