Rapid Fire 2010-02-12: France’s DGA 2009 Program Wrap-up

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* Feb 10: RF notes Tory shadow minister’s comment that Britain must be capable of acting unilaterally. Today: read Liam Fox’s full speech to the RUSI re: Britain’s coming defense review and challenges. * Hollywood scriptwriters are preparing scenarios for the Cyber Shockwave exercise on Feb 16/10 involving top US government officials. The event is sponsored by industry and will be covered by CNN. * France’s DGA procurement agency offers 2009 summary [ in French], says average program delays will be slightly longer. * VCCT simulators improve convoy training, give US and allied forces an OODA loop advantage. * Pros and Cons of Stryker wheeled APCs in Afghanistan. The Canadians know this debate well. * Pentagon set to create a project office to manage “non standard” helicopter buys for allies – like Mi-17s for Iraq and Afghanistan. * First flight of revamped German CH-53GA helicopter at Donauworth. * Northrop Grumman delivers 1st AN/ZPY-1 STARlite radars for the Army’s Warrior ER/MP UAS under a $78.5 million contract. * Northrop Grumman clarifies its SPQ-9B radar contract. * General Dynamics awards an $18 million contract to Northrop Grumman to produce LRS-2000 rate sensor assemblies for US Army’s M1A1 Abrams tank. * SAIC to […]

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