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Link 16 for Saudi E-3 AWACS

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In for upgrades(click to view full) Link 16 is a secure, jam-resistant, digital data link transmitted via radio that allows military aircraft, ships and ground units to exchange their tactical pictures with each other in near real time. Link 16 also supports the exchange of text messages and imagery data and provides additional channels for digital voice. Work is underway to improve its bandwidth, and the system itself can be installed in a number of ways on aircraft, ships, even land installations like air-defense missile systems. This capability helps all participating nodes see more clearly within the fog of war, since a target seen by one platform is soon seen by all. In can also help cut down on accidental ‘fratricide’ accidents in which one’s own side is targeted. Saudi Arabia chose to buy Link 16 capabilities back in 2006, and they are now in the process of integrating it into the E-3 Sentry AWACS(Airborne Warning and Control System) aircraft that monitor Saudi airspace. Link 16 Display(click to see situation) Sept 20/07: Boeing announces a $49.2 million contract, including options, to install Link 16 systems aboard Saudi Arabia’s fleet of 5 AWACS(Airborne Warning and Control System) aircraft. Installation and checkout […]

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