Rapid Fire 2011-04-20: Stanchion MEDEVAC

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* The liberal-centrist hybrid warfare specialists at the Center for a New American Security think-tank release “Crime Wars: Gangs, Cartels and U.S. National Security“, and “Security Through Partnership: Fighting Transnational Cartels in the Western Hemisphere.” They are entirely correct to recognize crime cartels as near-state-level security threats, and their reports are worth attention. * European Defence Agency is calling on members to reduce or eliminate reliance on outside suppliers for key technologies. Translation: buy American less often. The EDA’s effort is independent of issues with US export controls, but America’s combination of actions and inaction have made the EU’s reception warmer, and their task much easier. * Keith Hennessey on why the USA’s upcoming debt-limit increase fight will be different than budget battles. * Pentagon figures out that the services and industry has gamed its requirements process. Proposes new process. Wonder who can adapt faster? * The Jihadis’ “Worlds of Warcraft”, and the intrinsic logic of “gamified” interaction systems. * Georgia annuls agreement with Russia allowing Russian troops to transport military equipment across the country to a base in Armenia. Something to do with Russia trying to annul Georgia… * Thales picks up a $50 million sub-contract for rifled 120mm […]

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