It’s a Boat, It’s a Sub, It’s…..

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DGB SDV during trials(click to view full) The USA encountered immense difficulties with its dry chamber Advanced Seal Delivery System, and almost abandoned of the project. As the Navy et. al. ponder ponder what to do, a New Year’s resolution to to pay close attention to developments in Sweden and its 10m “Diver Group Boat” may be in order. On the surface, the DGB performs like a fast rigid inflatable boat; powered by a diesel engine and water jet propulsion, it can reach speeds of up to 30 knots. The same propulsion system is used when the hull is flooded and the vehicle runs semi-submerged with a low detection signature. Or, it can turn into a “wet” submarine delivery vehicle for special forces troops, powered by four electric thrusters. DCE AB’s concept(click to view larger) The DGB is available in sizes for 3 or 6 divers, and can be equipped with tailor-made systems for specific missions e.g. sonar, fire control or hull verification systems. It’s a boat. It’s a semi-submerged boat. It’s an SDV+… and Sweden’s FMV Procurement Agency has just started formal trials. In addition to the FMV release, manufacturer DCE AB of Sweden has its own page for […]

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