DARPA’s VIRAT: Video Search, With a Twist

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DARPA’s VIRAT(click to view full) Updates re: Kitware’s win. (Sept 1/10) The proliferation of UAVs and fighters equipped with stabilized, high-magnification video pods and imaging radars has a number of corollary consequences. Bandwidth has become a key battlefield constraint. Specialized reconnaissance fighter aircraft are a dead concept. And some poor analyst has to sift through the video tsunami at the other end, in order to find items of interest. The USA is using a number of approaches to help deal with the flood, and one unconventional approach involves a DARPA project called VIRAT (Video Image Retrieval and Analysis Tool). It doesn’t recognize faces, perform before/after analysis, or rely on rewinds. Instead, it aims to distinguish certain types of behaviors, so it can provide alerts to intelligence operatives or ground forces during live operations. * The VIRAT Concept * Contracts & Key Events * Additional Readings The VIRAT Concept ATFLIR pod imagery(click to view full) DARPA has this to say about what VIRAT is, and isn’t: “First, VIRAT seeks to enable military analysts to establish alerts that continuously query a real-time video stream. Generated alerts will cue analysts to dangers or opportunities in real-time and will provide actionable information even as […]

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