T3: Triple Target Terminator’s Terminus

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Latest updates: Next-Gen Missile Termination. AARGM Concept(click to view larger) In early FY 2011, DARPA awarded a pair of initial contracts for something called the Triple Target Terminator. In their own words: “The Triple Target Terminator (T3) program will develop a high speed, long-range missile that can engage air, cruise missile, and air defense targets. T3 would be carried internally on stealth aircraft or externally on fighters, bombers and UAVs. The enabling technologies are: propulsion, multi-mode seekers, data links, digital guidance and control, and advanced warheads. T3 would allow any aircraft to rapidly switch between air-to-air and air-to-surface capabilities. T3’s speed, maneuverability, and network-centric capabilities would significantly improve U.S. aircraft survivability and increase the number and variety of targets that could be destroyed on each sortie.” Oddly, T3 sounds very similar to an ongoing Air Force Research Laboratory project – and seems to confirm a trend toward multi-guidance, multi-role smart weapons. But can the USAF develop and field its desired Next Generation Missile from among these development programs? Seems not. * T3: Tracking the Trends * Contracts & Key Events [updated] * Additional Readings T3: Tracking the Trends SDB-II: cutaway(click to view full) There are a couple of trends at […]

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