F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: SDD Contracts & Events 2006

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F-35 Variants(click to view full) The F-35 Lightning II is a major multinational program which is intended to produce an “affordably stealthy” multi-role strike fighter that will have three variants: the F-35A conventional version for the US Air Force et. al.; the F-35B Short Take-Off, Vertical Landing for the US Marines, British Royal Navy, et. al.; and the F-35C conventional carrier-launched version for the US Navy. The aircraft is named after Lockheed’s famous WW2 P-38 Lightning, and the Mach 2, stacked-engine English Electric (now BAE) Lightning jet. This article covers the $300 billion international program’s events, main contracts, and ancillary programs during FY/CY 2006, while the most recent developments are tracked here. * F-35 Program 2008 * F-35 Program 2007 * F-35 Program: Events & Developments (2006) * F-35 Program: System Development & Production Contracts (2006) * F-35 Program: Ancillary and Sub-contracts (2006) * The F-35 Family of Aircraft** * F-35 Program: Production Timelines & Structure** * Additional Readings & Sources** The F-35 Family of Aircraft From Top: F-35A, C, B(click to view larger) The F-35 Lightning II is not one aircraft; it is several. The USAF and most allied air forces plan to fly the F-35A CTOL (Conventional Take-Off […]

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