The USCG’s Legend Class National Security Cutters




March 5/19: 57mm HE-PD The Navy contracted Chemring Ordnance $10.4 million for the manufacture, assembly, test, and delivery of 57mm High Explosive – Point Detonating (HE-PD) cartridges. The 57mm HE-PD Cartridge is a 57mm/70, electrically-primed cartridge designed to function in the 57mm MK 110 Gun Mount (GM). The MK 110 GM is employed on the Navy Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) class as well as the Coast Guard Legend-class National Security Cutters (NSC). The LCS is a fast, highly maneuverable, networked surface combat ship designed to satisfy the requirement for shallow draft vessels. The NSC is the largest and most technically advanced class of cutter designed for the US Coast Guard under the Deepwater program. The contract is to develop and produce 57mm HE-PD cartridges intended for combating surface and ground targets. The cartridge consists of a high explosive projectile with the ability to point detonate, a brass cartridge case loaded with propellant charge, and an electric primer. Chemring Ordnance designs, develops, and manufactures ordnance, pyrotechnic, and other munition components for military, homeland security, and first responders. The company offers 40mm low and high velocity ammunition, pyrotechnic marking, smoking, signaling, and tactical illumination devices, battlefield effects simulators, hand grenade fuses, and other ammunition components. Work under the contract will take place in Perry, Florida and is scheduled to be completed by February 2021.

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WMSL-750 Bertholf (click to view full) The Legend Class National Security Cutters were the largest ships in the The US Coast Guard’s massive $25 billion Deepwater meta-program, and served as its flagship in more ways than one. The 418 foot, 4,400 ton ships will be frigate-sized vessels with a 21 foot draughts, and are rather larger than the 379 foot, 3,250 ton Hamilton Class High Endurance Cutters (HECs) they will replace. Controversies regarding durability and potential hull fatigue, as well as significant cost overruns, have shadowed the new cutter’s construction. The program has survived, and is pushing toward its end in a few years – but will the number of ships bought be enough to help the USCG? This DID FOCUS Article covers the Legend Class cutters’ specifications, program history, and key events… Quick Background: The Deepwater Program (click to view full) The US Coast Guard is currently operating vessels that date from the 1950s and 1960s, and a fleet-wide recapitalization had become an urgent priority given its new domestic security responsibilities. That effort is being handled as an integrated, multi-year $25 billion meta-project called Deepwater that encompasses everything from long-range patrol aircraft and UAVs, to new communications and computing […]

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